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Introduction to The Development of SPC Flooring

Development History and Characteristics of SPC Flooring SPC flooring (Stone Plastic Composite Flooring), as a new type of environmentally friendly flooring material, has gradually emerged in the flooring market in recent years. Its appearance fills the many deficiencies of traditional flooring materials in terms of waterproof performance, wear resistance and

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Introduction To The Development of WPC Decking

WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) decking, or wood-plastic composite board, is a new type of material that has developed rapidly in the fields of construction and outdoor decoration in recent years. It combines the advantages of wood and plastic, not only has the natural beauty and comfort of wood, but also overcomes

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Introduction to the Development of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring, the full name of which is “super polymer composite flooring”, is a modern flooring material that combines durability, beauty and environmental protection, and is very popular in the field of modern architectural interior design. The following is an introduction to the development of SPC flooring: Early stage The

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The History of WPC Wall Panel

WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) wall panel is a composite material made of wood fiber and plastic, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor wall decoration. The following is a historical introduction to WPC wall panel: The history of WPC wall panel can be traced back to the early 1990s, when

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PVC Ceiling

PVC ceiling is a popular interior decoration material with many advantages and is widely used in the fields of construction and decoration. In this article, PVC ceiling will be introduced in detail. Characteristics of PVC ceiling Environmental protection and health: PVC ceiling is made of PVC material, does not contain

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Wpc Decking

When it comes to the choice of outdoor flooring, WPC decking is a popular choice. WPC decking is an environmentally friendly floor made of Wood Plastic Composite, which combines the advantages of wood and plastic and has become a popular choice for outdoor flooring. This article will introduce the characteristics,

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UV Marble Sheet

UV Marble Sheet is a new type of decorative material that is favored for its unique appearance and versatility. This material is usually composed of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) substrate and a UV coating. It is made through a special processing technology and has the appearance of imitation marble, but

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WPC Wall Panel

WPC wall panels (Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel) are a new type of wall panel material that combines the advantages of wood fiber and plastic, with unique characteristics and a wide range of applications. Below I will introduce the characteristics, advantages and application areas of WPC wall panels in detail.

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PVC Ceiling

PVC ceiling, full name Polyvinyl Chloride ceiling, is a common interior decoration material that is widely used in ceiling decoration in residential, commercial and public places. Made from polyvinyl chloride resin, it has been processed to provide a range of unique features and benefits, making it a popular choice in

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