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Dustproof Surface WPC Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel

Modern people’s requirements for decoration are more and more strict, we not only pay attention to the beauty of decoration, but also care about the maintenance of the late stage. Nowadays, more and more wood plastic composite wall panel has been widely used in the decoration market. This composite wall

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spc flooring color

Chinese CZE SPC flooring colors

CZE SPC flooring manufacturer is a professional floor manufacturer in China, with 10 years of manufacturing experience, the company’s main business: wpc decking, spc flooring, wood plastic wall panel, outdoor wall panel, wood plastic fence and other products, one-stop interior decoration material production manufacture.

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wpc decking manufacturer

Is wpc decking a healthy and environmentally friendly floor?

Many people want to know whether the plastic wood floor is healthy and environmentally friendly. Compared with other decoration materials, the plastic wood floor has a very low amount of formaldehyde and will not cause great harm to the human body, so consumers can buy it with confidence.

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round hole wpc decking

How to choose wpc outdoor decking?

The current market above the new wpc flooring, a new floor, made of polymer materials, environmental protection does not contain heavy metals, and does not contain formaldehyde, closer to solid wood flooring.

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outdoor wpc decking

What are Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)?

WPC, or Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC), is a new modified environmental material that uses waste wood flour, rice hulls, straw and other natural fibres to fill and reinforce PE, PP, PVC, ABS and other thermoplastics, and has the cost and performance advantages of both natural fibres and plastics.

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SPC vinyl flooring

Five common flooring differences

There are five common categories of flooring on the market today, so what are the characteristics of these types of flooring?Now wpc deck manufacturers first take you to understand the following.

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