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WPC Decking Flooring

140*20mm Square Hole WPC Wood Outdoor Decking

140*25mm Square Hole WPC Wood Outdoor Decking

square hole WPC flooring

150*25mm Square Hole WPC Wood Outdoor Decking

Solid co-extruded Wpc Decking

140*20mm Solid WPC Decking

Solid Wpc Decking

140*25mm Solid WPC Decking


140*25mm Round Hole Outdoor WPC Flooring

Round hole wood plastic flooring

150*25mm Round hole wood plastic flooring

Flat embossed wood plastic flooring

140*25mm 6 holes In-line embossed wood plastic flooring

Co-extruded wood plastic flooring

138*23mm co-extruded Wpc Decking

round hole wpc decking

China wpc decking manufacturers and suppliers

If you are looking for professional wood plastic panel manufacturers and suppliers in China, cze is a reliable wood plastic panel manufacturer with 10 years production experience. cze is your most reliable wpc decking supplier and manufacturer in China we can provide you with affordable wpc,wood plastic decking price.

WPC decking parameters

Product Name
Engineered  Recycled Antislip WPC Decking Flooring
2.2m, 2.8m, 3.6m, or customized
Red pine art, cedar art, coffee, blue gray, light gray, brown, etc
Groove, 3D Wood Grain, Embossed
Available and free, we can supply small pieces for you to check the design and quality
Trial order
Welcome, we have plenty of decking and wall cladding in stock, can meet trial order needed
Used for terrace, balcony, swimming pool, seaside, walkway, bridge, etc.
Wood effect, anti-UV, anti-slip, waterproof, mold proof, no painting, no maintenance, etc

Why choose Chengze wpc decking?

Feel free to visit our page to learn more about our high quality outdoor wpc decking, we have many different types of outdoor decking for you to choose from, we will not let you down wpc decking supplier, CZE is the China wpc deck flooring manufacturers & suppliers supplier that meets your business needs.

How to best choose a wpc decking supplier? Because we are the wpc deck supplier that meets your needs and we are using our knowledge to build a better wpc deck to meet our customers’ needs.

WPC deck colours

wpc decking colours
Wood plastic composite supplier

Outdoor wpc flooring is widely used in.
1) Houses, outdoor flooring, sunrooms, docks, guardrails and other products can be used as flooring, moisture-proof walls, home flower boxes, hanging boards, blinds, etc.

2) Outdoor open-air facilities: water-resistant, suitable for open-air tables, chairs, billboards, etc. in public places such as parks, streets and seaside wooden stacks.

3) A considerable amount: pallets, packing boxes and other packaging products packing boxes.

4) Laying board, laying beam and other storage products, shelf laying board, sleepers, laying beam, flooring, etc.


The 5 advantages of WPC flooring

  1. Waterproof, moisture resistant, fire resistant and flame retardant: WPC flooring is waterproof and has a wide range of applications, with a B1 level of fire resistance
  2. Prevents damage from ants and insects: effective protection against termites or other insects, more solid.
  3. Environmental protection and safety: the formaldehyde content is very low and can be reused, making it more environmentally friendly and safe.
  4. Easy to install: wood installation and construction is easier and faster, shortening the decoration time.
  5. Durable and long life: no deformation, swelling, etc., strong and durable, long life.

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CZE Outdoor WPC Decking

    If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable outdoor wood plastic decking supplier, you can trust Linyi Chengze, we provide you with one-stop outdoor renovation solutions, we offer outdoor decking that guarantees effective, cost-efficient and perfect quality.
     Linyi Chengze is a professional decking supplier, no matter what kind of wpc decking you need, we can provide you with a wide range of designs, sizes, colors and models.
     Chengze WPC outdoor decking is widely used in gardens, pools, scenic spots, the products are water resistant, moisture resistant, wear resistant, environmentally friendly and can be developed and used twice to meet your outdoor needs.
    As your primary reliable China wpc deck production supplier, we can design wpc deck size according to your requirements, you can send your requirements to us, we will make reasonable products for you attentively.
     Linyi Chengze is a famous wpc decking production supplier in China, in order to meet your needs for different brands, we produce different decking, wpc outdoor decking, fencing, wpc outdoor wall panels, indoor spc flooring, great wall panels, etc.
     With 10 years of manufacturing experience, we are able to provide you with standard quality and reliable wpc decking.
If you want to know more about other decking products, you can check this page and understand to contact our team。

WPC decking flooring problem collection

Table of Contents
The application areas of outdoor wpc deck flooring are

      1、Construction materials: including base materials, whole doors, wall panels, flooring and decorative materials series
      2, outdoor facilities: including fences, flooring, columns, handrails and other major categories of products.
      3, logistics and transportation: mainly packing boxes, container boards, light and heavy pallets, etc.
      4、Traffic facilities: mainly partitions, partitions, retaining walls, signage, etc.
      5、Furniture products: mainly closets, cabinets, coffee tables, planters, etc.

      With the decreasing natural wood resources, and the market demand for wood products is increasing day by day, in time, a huge demand will eventually make the domestic market of wood plastic materials open the door. This is the inevitable trend of the future.

Outdoor wpc deck flooring has five characteristics.

   1、Resourceful raw materials: its biomass material part is basically waste utilization, wide range of sources, low value; plastic component requirements are not high, new, old or mixed materials are available, fully reflecting the comprehensive use of resources and effective use.
      2, the product can be plasticized: wood and plastic products for artificial overall synthetic products, according to the use of the requirements of random adjustment of product technology and formula, so as to produce different performance and shape of the material, its profile utilization rate is close to 100%.
      3, the use of environmental protection: wood and plastic materials of the wood / plastic base material and its common additives are safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, its production and processing process will not produce toxic side effects, so the human body and the environment do not pose any joint dangerous register.
      4, cost economy: wood plastic products to achieve the transfer of low-cost plant material pump high value-added products, not only the maintenance costs are extremely low, and product life several times than the natural wood, a comprehensive comparison has obvious economic advantages.
      5、Recycle and recycle: The end-of-life products and recycled waste products of wood-plastic materials can be 100% recycled, and will not affect the performance of the products, so it can truly realize the recycling mode of “reduce, recycle and resource”.

How to choose a plastic wood flooring manufacturer in China

Nowadays, plastic wood flooring is becoming more and more popular and recognized by people, plastic wood flooring should be how to choose it. When we purchase the same thing we will be worried about is how should we choose the wood plastic flooring manufacturer, now let’s learn about it.

Then we choose what kind of manufacturers to be able to ensure that our company will not have problems in the future use of plastic wood flooring?

First, we are in the purchase of plastic wood materials when we want the main manufacturers of production qualifications, to put it bluntly, is the business license has, and then is it true? This is very important, this problem is trouble in how to determine the quality of plastic wood manufacturers produce plastic wood good or bad?

Second, we have to look at the surface to see whether the quality of the floor texture simple, if there is bad quality of the product then must not feel that the patchwork can be. Because of this later there will be safety failure problems, and then we should be especially careful to pick up and ask whether there is a pungent question, because the choice of plastic is sometimes one of the reasons for the market to reduce costs.

Plastic wood material as the most idealized alternative to preserved wood, compared to its sales market and the use of market share has exceeded about 60% of the outdoor use instances, the use of market prospects and improve the development trend to rise significantly. But with the emergence of the problem is also increasingly prominent, its great sales market and development space, some manufacturers to occupy market share, competing to play the price duel, the price of cheap, along with the serious decline in product quality.

To plastic wood flooring 140 * 25 specifications, for example, the two products of very different quality put together, from the appearance of almost can not see the difference, the fact is really so? This is the same as the iPhone, the market is pervasive and iPhone appearance design looks the same cottage version, appearance is extremely similar, but everyone understands that the original version of value for money and cottage version is extremely different! Wood type bed is also the same, the main component of the wood type bed is a combination of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. more than 35 to 70 % of the wood powder processing, wood type bed processing process, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the combination of more than a dozen chemical agent products for example, flame-retardant properties are the reason for adding flame-retardant agents, precision calculations of the proportion of various amounts, the price of these high-quality agents are generally not cheap.

Can persist in quality to ensure the prerequisites, in addition to the very few domestic large and medium-sized plastic wood board manufacturers, such as the vast majority of small and medium-sized manufacturers to occupy the market, evil change cheap market competition, followed by a serious decline in the quality of plastic wood flooring, the application of the whole process appears easy to break, embrittlement, deformation and many other problems. Not only affect the quality of the application project, but also let the whole plastic wood flooring industry has a negative reputation.

In short, high quality natural price is high, low quality price is not feasible, all manufacturing industry universal testing specifications, to deal with the quality of negative information problems, in addition to the plastic wood flooring industry itself exists on the cost fee construction quality, strict control, in accordance with national standards, for customers, in consideration of plastic wood flooring price, plastic wood flooring quality can be the prerequisite to consider the elements of purchase.

For the huge demand of your business for WPC waterproof wood plastic flooring, cze is the wood plastic flooring supplier that meets your requirements. You can import a wide variety of wood plastic composite flooring for you to choose from. You can ensure product safety by choosing a certified supplier. cze wood plastic flooring has passed many international certifications.


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