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How is wood plastic made

People who do not understand the ecological building materials industry may not know that there is no need to cut down a tree to manufacture ecological boards. So what material is used to produce the board? The answer is straw and plastic. The straw is dried and ground into powder,

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18 questions and answers about WPC products

1. What is WPC? What occasions is WPC used for? Plastic wood is a kind of building material formed by extruding plastic and wood fiber according to the proportion. Due to both the water-resistant and anti-corrosion properties of plastic and the texture of wood, it becomes a material for outdoor

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What kind of outdoor floor is the plastic wood floor?

Features of WPC Outdoor Flooring: 1. The product has better physical properties than logs and better dimensional stability than wood. It will produce cracks, warping, no knots, twill, and can be made into various colorful products by adding colorants, lamination or composite surface layers. , so there is no need

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Installation requirements for wood plastic floor

Wood-plastic flooring can be described as an innovation in the flooring industry. Wood-plastic composite materials contain plastics and fibers. Therefore, they have similar processing properties to wood. They can be sawed, nailed, and planed, and can be completed with woodworking tools. Nail grip is significantly better than other synthetic materials.

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What are the benefits of using wood-plastic flooring?

The plastic wood floor has the characteristics of wood, but the quality is better than that of wood, and it has waterproof properties and good plasticity. The following plastic wood manufacturers will introduce its application benefits to us:       The plastic wood floor is the product of the combination of

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Wood-plastic composite materials contribute to the construction of green homes

The promotion of green building materials and green buildings is the only way to realize the integration of my country’s ecological civilization and new urbanization construction. The realization of the Beautiful China Dream requires the promotion of the new urbanization construction of ecological civilization. Green buildings are the forerunners of

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Plastic wood materials enter the homes of ordinary people

Plastic wood materials have now been popularized in ordinary people’s families. For example, the wardrobe sliding doors and wardrobe doors used in home decoration now bring a fresh and beautiful feeling to the interior decoration. The whole kitchen is also using plastic wood cabinet doors. The advantages of wood composite

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