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Five Selection Skills of Integrated Wall Panels

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In recent years, the integrated wall panel market has been extremely hot. Friends around me will recommend the use of integrated wall panels during decoration. Although they are excited, as a decoration novice, I don’t know how to choose. So let me tell the majority of owners the five major criteria for choosing integrated wall panels! Let you choose with confidence and live with peace of mind.

1.Select the wall panel to see the details

Selection of wallboard base material: the base material is mainly bamboo powder, wood powder and light calcium powder, and new materials are required; the covering film must be environmentally friendly PP grade, so it is more secure to use.

2.Choose the brand to see the details of the wall panel

When consumers choose integrated wall panels, they often only pay attention to the main board part and ignore the internal materials under the misleading of the merchants. This part of auxiliary materials is equivalent to the foundation and beams of the building. Shen or even collapse. Therefore, consumers must carefully observe when purchasing, and none of them can be sloppy.

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3.Pay attention to practicality and look at the quality of wallboards

Practicality is the most basic requirement of the product. If it is not practical, the decoration will lose its original meaning. The market price of integrated wall panels ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan per square meter. The prices are different, and the quality is also poor. The wall panel modules of the special price products are made of waste materials, the materials are light and thin, and the service life is short. Therefore, consumers are reminded not to be greedy for small things and pay more attention to product quality when purchasing products.

4.Focus on health and environmental protection

Room decoration must pay attention to the quality of decoration materials, especially toxic substances such as formaldehyde are very harmful to human health, and the release period of formaldehyde can even last for more than ten years. In this regard, Shandong Chengze’s green and environmentally friendly integrated wall panel products use environmentally friendly materials, aiming to create environmentally friendly and healthy products for consumers. Chengze integrated wall panels entered the government green procurement list

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5.Use the service with confidence

When choosing integrated wall panels, we should pay attention to pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. Three points for materials and seven points for service, high-quality service can ensure the normal use of the product in the future, Chengze integrated wall panels look at the design renderings before sale, look at the service of the specialty store during sale, and look at the delivery and installation service after sale! Front-line service personnel have received various professional installation trainings, and consumers should pay attention to the brand and service quality of the integrated wall panels when purchasing. So that you can buy with confidence and live with peace of mind!

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