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Introduction to PU stone

PU stone is an artificial stone made of polyurethane, which has an appearance and texture similar to natural stone, but is lighter and easier to process.

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Making PU stone mainly includes the following steps:

Raw material preparation: The main raw materials for making PU stone include polyether polyol, dopamine, various additives, pigments, etc. These raw materials need to be prepared according to the formula proportions.

Formula mixing: According to the required stone effect and performance requirements, the prepared raw materials are mixed together in a certain formula ratio. Mixing can use mechanical stirring or vacuum stirring to ensure uniform mixing.

Curing and drying: After injection molding, the PU stone needs a certain curing and drying time to allow the polymerization reaction in the material to complete. Curing can be performed by heating or natural curing.

Polishing and coating: The surface of the PU stone after complete curing needs to be polished to make it smoother and more delicate. Coatings can then be applied as needed to increase the stone’s wear resistance and stain resistance.

Cutting and shaping: Polished and coated PU stone can be cut and shaped as needed to make different products, such as floors, walls, countertops, etc.

Quality inspection and packaging: Finally, the produced PU stone needs to undergo quality inspection to ensure that it meets relevant standards. It is then packaged to protect the integrity of the stone during transportation and installation.

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When using PU stone for construction and decoration, the following are some things to pay attention to:

Preparation before installation: Before installing PU stone, ensure that the base layer is flat, dry, clean, and remove any debris and dust. This ensures the adhesion performance of the PU stone and the best installation effect.

Choose the appropriate glue: Use glue or adhesive specifically designed for PU stone for installation. Make sure the glue you choose is compatible with the material of the PU stone and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Pay attention to temperature and humidity: When installing PU stone, pay attention to the limitations of ambient temperature and humidity. Make sure the temperature and humidity are within the appropriate range to ensure the glue’s curing time and adhesion. Extreme high or low temperatures and excessive humidity may affect the installation quality and performance of PU stone.

Avoid heavy pressure and impact: Although PU stone has high strength and durability, it is still necessary to avoid heavy pressure and impact to prevent scratches and damage on the stone surface. When moving heavy objects, always use mats or protective pads to reduce direct pressure on the stone.

Regular cleaning and maintenance: PU stone is a relatively easy-to-maintain material, but regular cleaning and maintenance are still necessary. Use an appropriate detergent and a soft cloth for cleaning and avoid using acidic or corrosive cleaners. In addition, remove stains and liquids promptly to prevent them from penetrating into the material.

Prevent exposure to extreme environments: Although PU stone has good weather resistance, long-term exposure to extreme environments, such as strong direct sunlight, extreme cold or humid environments, should be avoided. These conditions may cause the color of the PU stone to fade, crack, or become damaged.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Check the condition of PU stone regularly, especially if it is used outdoors. If any damage or looseness is found, repair or replace it promptly to ensure its normal use.

Please keep in mind that these are general usage considerations and specific installation and maintenance guidelines may vary depending on the brand and model of PU stone. Consult the detailed guide provided by the manufacturer of PU stone and follow their recommendations and instructions.

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PU stone is a widely used artificial stone. It has many advantages, such as appearance, texture and strength similar to natural stone, but is lighter and easier to process. Therefore, PU stone has been widely used in the fields of construction and interior decoration.

Interior decoration: PU stone is widely used in interior decoration, such as walls, floors, countertops, door frames, stairs, etc. It can imitate various textures and colors of natural stone, bringing natural beauty to indoor spaces. In addition, the lightweight nature of PU stone makes it easier to install and maintain, while also having high strength and durability.

Building facade: PU stone is also widely used in the decoration of building facades. It can be used to cover the exterior walls of buildings, creating a modern, sophisticated look. The lightweight properties of PU stone can reduce the load and reduce the structural pressure of the building, while maintaining the beauty and waterproof performance of the exterior wall. PU stone is also weather-resistant and can resist ultraviolet radiation and climate change, thereby maintaining long-term aesthetic effects.

Commercial space decoration: Due to its diverse appearance and easy processing, PU stone also plays an important role in the decoration of commercial spaces. Whether it is a hotel, shopping mall, office or restaurant, PU stone can be used on walls, bars, counters, decorative columns, ceilings and floors to add a luxurious and fashionable atmosphere to the space.

Outdoor landscape: PU stone materials can also be used in outdoor landscape design, such as parks, gardens, playgrounds and swimming pools. It is weather- and stain-resistant, able to withstand a variety of climatic conditions and daily use in outdoor environments. PU stone can also be made into various shapes of decorative items, such as flower beds, pools, artificial waterfalls, etc., to add natural flavor to the landscape.

Indoor furniture and decorations: The application of PU stone in indoor furniture and decorations is also becoming more and more popular. It can be used to make a variety of furniture such as dining tables, coffee tables and sofa frames. In addition, PU stone can also be made into exquisite vases, ornaments, artworks and other decorations, adding a unique artistic flavor to the indoor space.

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In general, PU stone has a very wide range of applications. It can be found both in the commercial field and in home decoration. Its lightweight nature, plasticity, high strength and weather resistance make it an ideal alternative material to meet people’s needs for beautiful, durable and functional construction and decoration.

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