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Introduction to WPC Decking

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Decking is a new type of outdoor flooring material that combines the advantages of wood and plastic and has the advantages of high weather resistance, easy maintenance, and wear resistance. The following is an introduction to WPC Decking:

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Material structure: WPC Decking is made of raw materials such as wood fiber (such as wood chips, wood powder) and plastic (such as polyethylene, polypropylene), which are extruded and mixed at high temperature. The wood fibers give the floor a natural wood grain and texture, and the plastic enhances the floor’s durability and water resistance.

Weather resistance: WPC Decking has excellent weather resistance and will not be affected by natural environments such as sun, rain, wind and snow. It is not easy to fade, deform or crack, and is suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Easy to maintain: Compared with traditional wooden floors, WPC Decking is easier to maintain. It only needs regular cleaning. There is no need for tedious maintenance work such as painting and waxing, saving time and energy.

Anti-slip and wear-resistant: WPC Decking has a unique surface texture design and good anti-slip properties, ensuring safety even in wet environments. At the same time, its wear resistance is also high, resisting abrasion and keeping the floor beautiful for a long time.

Environmentally friendly and healthy: WPC Decking is made of recycled wood and plastic, which consumes less natural resources and is in line with environmental protection concepts. In addition, WPC Decking does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and does not pollute indoor air quality, helping to create a healthy environment.

Diverse designs: WPC Decking provides a variety of styles, colors and texture options to adapt to different styles of outdoor decoration needs. You can choose a suitable style according to personal preferences and decoration styles.

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When storing WPC Decking (Wood Plastic Composite Flooring), proper methods can ensure that its quality and performance are not compromised. Here are some suggestions for WPC Decking storage:

Storage environment: WPC Decking should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment, avoiding exposure to sunlight and prolonged contact with moisture. It is best to place it indoors or in a sheltered place to prevent it from being adversely affected by sun, rain or high temperature.

Support method: When storing WPC Decking, the floor should be placed neatly and vertically using sturdy supports to avoid being affected by deformation or bending. Wooden slats or planks can be used to support the floor to ensure it sits smoothly.

Avoid pressure: During storage, avoid placing heavy objects or other items on top of the floor to avoid excessive pressure on the floor, resulting in deformation or damage. Keeping the floor flat will help it maintain its original shape.

Regular cleaning: During storage, regular cleaning of the floor surface is necessary. You can gently wipe the floor surface with a soft cloth or brush to remove dust and dirt and keep the floor clean and dry.

Moisture-proof measures: If the storage environment is humid, you can place a desiccant or moisture-proof box around the floor to reduce the possibility of the floor getting damp. Regularly check the humidity of the storage environment to ensure that the floor is dry.

Pay attention to the stacking height: When stacking WPC Decking, it is best not to stack too many floors together to avoid excessive pressure caused by excessive stacking and affecting the quality of the floor. It is best to stack them in layers to maintain appropriate gaps between floors.

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WPC Decking (Wood Plastic Composite Flooring) has the advantages of strong weather resistance, easy maintenance, anti-slip and wear resistance, environmental protection and health, so it is widely used in various outdoor places. The following is an introduction to the WPC Decking application:

Terraces/Balconies: WPC Decking is ideal for terraces and balconies to beautify outdoor spaces and create comfortable relaxing areas. Its weather resistance can withstand the sun and rain, is not easily deformed or faded, and remains beautiful for a long time.

Garden landscape: laying WPC Decking in the garden can create natural wood texture and texture, complementing the green plants, adding a unique decorative effect to the garden, allowing people to enjoy the outdoor beauty.

Around swimming pools: WPC Decking has anti-slip and wear-resistant properties and is suitable for laying around swimming pools to provide a safe stepping surface to prevent slipping. At the same time, its non-absorbent properties make it resistant to corrosion from swimming pool water.

Outdoor restaurants/open-air restaurants: WPC Decking can be used for floor paving in outdoor restaurants or open-air restaurants to create a comfortable dining environment. Its weather resistance and easy-to-clean properties make it ideal for restaurant floors.

Parks/scenic areas: In outdoor places such as parks and scenic areas, WPC Decking can be used to lay walking trails, rest area floors, etc., providing tourists with comfortable walkways and resting places while integrating with the natural environment.

Yacht/shipyard: WPC Decking has strong ductility and is suitable for use in wet environments such as shipyards and yacht decks. It has anti-slip properties, provides a safe stepping surface, and beautifies the appearance of the yacht.

Commercial use: WPC Decking can also be used for outdoor decoration in commercial places, such as hotel terraces, cafe courtyards, shopping mall plazas, etc., to increase the aesthetics and quality of the space.


WPC Decking is widely used in various outdoor places, bringing beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly flooring solutions to these places, improving the overall atmosphere and comfort of the space.

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