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Introduction to wpc wall panel

WPC wall panel is a composite material composed of wood fibers and plastic that offers the beauty of natural wood and the durability of plastic. The process of making WPC wall panels can be divided into the following steps:

Material preparation: First, you need to prepare wood fibers and high-quality plastic resin. Wood fiber can come from waste wood, bamboo, straw, etc., while plastic resin usually uses polymer materials such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).

Ingredients mixing: Mix an appropriate amount of wood fiber and plastic resin together, and add some additives, such as stabilizers, preservatives, UV protection agents, etc. The mixing process usually uses special mixing equipment such as extruders or mixers.

Hot press molding: Put the mixed raw materials into an extruder and extrude them under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The extruder melts and extrudes the raw material into a shape that creates the shape and texture of the wallboard. This process can also be performed using an injection molding machine.

Cooling and Cutting: Extruded WPC wall panels are cooled by conveyor belts or rollers and cut at the desired length. This ensures the accuracy of the size and shape of the wall panels.

Surface treatment: After cooling and cutting, WPC wall panels can be surface treated, such as sanding, scratching, texturing, etc., to increase the beauty and texture of the surface.

Packaging and Storage: Finally, the finished WPC wall panels are packaged and properly stored for shipping and sale.

In general, the process of making WPC wall panels requires reasonable material ratios, precise process control, and professional equipment. With a proper manufacturing process, high-quality WPC wall panels can be produced that are durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant while providing the aesthetics of natural wood, making them a popular wall material choice.

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Here are some pointers on how to use WPC wall panels:

Installation Preparation: Before installing WPC wall panels, make sure the wall surface is smooth, dry and clean. Check the walls for cracks or dents and repair them. Remove dust and debris from the wall to ensure that the wall panels can be firmly adhered to the wall.

Measure size: According to actual needs, measure the size of the wall and calculate the required number of wall panels. Cut the wall panels to the desired length and shape.

How to install: WPC wall panels can be installed with glue, nails or screws. Using the appropriate tools, secure the siding to the wall. Make sure there is even spacing between each wall panel for the best installation.

Maintain gaps: When installing, a certain gap should be left between wall panels to allow for wall panel expansion and contraction. This prevents the build-up of stress between the wall panels and increases its overall durability.

Consider waterproofing and corrosion protection: WPC wall panels have excellent water and corrosion resistance, but it is still recommended to waterproof the wall panels, especially at joints and areas exposed to moisture.

Cleaning and Maintenance: WPC wall panel is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe the surface of the siding gently with warm water and a mild detergent to remove dirt and stains. Check the condition of your siding regularly and perform maintenance as needed, such as patching scratches or replacing damaged siding.

Style and Decor: WPC wall panels come in a variety of color and texture options, allowing you to choose the style and style that suits your personal preferences and design needs. Use WPC wall panel to add a beautiful decorative effect and a natural wood texture to indoor or outdoor walls.

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To sum up, WPC wall panel is a durable and beautiful exterior wall decoration material. When using it, you only need to properly prepare the wall, follow the correct installation steps and methods, and then perform regular cleaning and maintenance. With proper use and maintenance, you can enjoy the beauty and durability of WPC wall panel for a long time.

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