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Market analysis of co-extruded plastic wood

For the market situation of co-extruded plastic wood, there are still many people who are more concerned about it. As we all know, co-extruded plastic wood flooring is developed on the basis of the original ordinary plastic wood flooring, but in recent years, the market competition has been fierce, and the price war has been very fierce. High-end, more beautiful and beautiful plastic-wood co-extrusion floors are favored by manufacturers with sophisticated technology, and they have invested in development, hoping to find newer products to obtain higher profits.

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From the beginning, few manufacturers can do this kind of product, and now many manufacturers can do this process for three or four years. The price of plastic wood co-extrusion floor has also dropped rapidly. The gradual maturity and standardization of co-extrusion wood-plastic technology, and the maturity of supplier technologies such as co-extrusion wood-plastic equipment, molds, leather materials, and post-processing equipment. development trend. That is, after mastering the key technology of plastic-wood co-extrusion flooring, manufacturers have started to save costs in order to improve their market competitiveness and gain a larger market share. two o’clock.

The first point is to reduce their own gross profit while maintaining the same product quality, and even some rely on their own strong financial strength to push the market with money, in order to gain a large number of market customers and orders in a short period of time. With large-scale orders in Hands can obtain better scale effect and improvement of efficiency and production technology, thereby promoting cost reduction and gross profit improvement.

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The second point is to keep the gross profit of the product unchanged. Due to the decline in the sales price, the production cost of the product must be reduced, such as moving to a more remote place to save rent and labor costs, reducing the technological process, reducing the formula cost of raw materials, and reducing the profile. However, these measures are often only slightly different from reducing the quality. If the control is not good, it will lead to a serious decline in product quality and become inferior products.

In these fully competitive product industries, each product will go through a cycle similar to this, that is, at the beginning, few people know it and few people produce it. At this stage, the price can be significantly higher than the actual cost. Entering, this stage is broken, and it gradually enters the normal stage of product price and gross profit. This stage should be a period of rapid development of the market. Due to reasonable gross profit, manufacturers have good expectations for long-term development, and most of the product quality is relatively guaranteed.

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