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May 1 International Labor Day

May 1st International Labor Day, also known as “International Labor Day”, is one of the important festivals celebrated by countries around the world. This festival originated in Chicago, the United States in 1886, when workers held large-scale strikes and demonstrations in order to fight for a working time of no more than 8 hours a day. This historic struggle eventually led to the reform of the global labor community, the gradual improvement of labor laws, and also won more rights and benefits for workers. May 1st International Labor Day was established to commemorate this labor movement, with the intention of paying high respect and gratitude to workers around the world.

In today’s society, May 1 International Labor Day has long surpassed a simple commemorative event and has become an important festival that can highlight the value of workers, advocate respect for labor, emphasize labor rights and interests, and promote harmonious social development. On this day, celebrations will be held in various places to commend outstanding workers and organize publicity activities such as model workers’ deeds to encourage more people to devote themselves to labor creation, work hard, and contribute their own strength to the progress and development of society.

May 1 International Labor Day is not only a day to pay tribute to workers, but also a time to promote the spirit of labor, respect workers, and pay attention to social fairness and justice. Workers work hard for society and their families. They are the backbone of the economy, the cornerstone of the country, and the builders of society. Their hard work has brought prosperity and stability to society and added color and vitality to our lives.

On this May 1 International Labor Day, let us feel the unremitting struggle and perseverance of workers, and pay high respects and sincere blessings to all those who work hard for their dreams, families, and society! May all hard workers harvest their own happiness and joy on this special day, may their efforts be rewarded with the best, and may their labor results be evaluated in the most fair way. Let us work together to create a more prosperous, harmonious and beautiful society! I wish you all a happy May Day! Happy Labor Day! There will be a time to ride the wind and waves, and set sail to cross the vast ocean. Work hard and create a better future.


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