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WPC Decking Storage Considerations

WPC decking is currently a widely used outdoor flooring material. Its advantages lie in its anti-ultraviolet, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and non-deformable properties. However, the storage, transportation and installation of WPC decking also require special attention, which can help ensure its performance and appearance quality. The following are some storage introductions for WPC decking.

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1.Storage environment

WPC decking should be stored in a dry, ventilated and light-proof environment, and try to avoid direct sunlight. Due to exposure to sunlight for a long time, the surface of WPC decking will fade and lose luster, which will affect its aesthetics. In addition, during storage, it is necessary to prevent the surface of WPC decking from being squeezed by heavy objects or worn by sharp objects, so as not to cause surface scratches and damage.

2.Temperature and humidity control

WPC decking is in an environment with unstable humidity and temperature for a long time, and it is easily affected and causes problems such as deformation and mildew. During storage, WPC decking needs to be avoided and stored in direct sunlight, especially in summer. The ideal storage humidity control range is 40-60%, and the temperature control range is between 5-30°C. This helps to avoid problems such as deformation and cracking of WPC decking during long-term storage.

3.Safe stacking

When storing WPC decking, it needs to provide enough support, lay it flat on a horizontal surface, and avoid tilting or tilting. In the storage process of WPC decking, it is necessary to pay attention to special places such as placement method, pad material and reinforcement bracket. It is necessary to avoid uneven placement, not directly on the ground, and avoid direct contact with the ground, so as to avoid problems such as moisture and pollution.

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When storing WPC decking, also pay attention to the following items:

(1) Prevent contamination or damage

The surface of WPC decking is easy to be damaged and stained. It is necessary to avoid direct contact with other materials or objects during storage, transportation and installation, so as not to cause physical damage or chemical reaction, resulting in surface pollution and scratches. If there are stains on the WPC decking surface, it should be cleaned in time.

(2) The storage time should not be too long

Although WPC decking has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and water resistance, long-term storage may affect the strength and toughness of the material. It is recommended not to store WPC decking for more than 6 months.

(3) Selection of storage location

When choosing a storage location, it is necessary to avoid storing it in a humid, unstable or closed space, so as not to cause problems such as mildew and deformation. During storage, the boards should be prevented from being exposed to direct sunlight or mixing different types of boards together.

(4) Ensure the balance of the storage environment

When storing WPC decking, the humidity and temperature at the bottom and top of the board should be consistent to prevent “U” shape deformation. In addition, the temperature and humidity in the storage area should be balanced to avoid large differences in humidity and temperature. It is a good idea to periodically check that the storage area environment is suitable.

(5) Pay attention to safety during storage

When storing or operating WPC decking, be sure to pay attention to safety to avoid personal injury or property damage. Do not stack or stack excessively, so as not to cause problems such as tilting and swinging, and use special fixing equipment to support them.

(6) Pay attention to the distinction between different plates during storage

During storage, it is necessary to distinguish WPC decking according to different characteristics such as specifications and colors, so as to facilitate operation and selection during use. WPC decking should be classified and stored according to its brand, model and batch number to facilitate later search and management.

To sum up, storing WPC decking correctly can ensure its quality and service life, and can provide guarantee for subsequent operations. Therefore, during the storage and transportation of WPC decking, specific requirements for storage, transportation and operation need to be followed to ensure its optimal quality and longest life.

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