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18 questions and answers about WPC products

1. What is WPC? What occasions is WPC used for?

Plastic wood is a kind of building material formed by extruding plastic and wood fiber according to the proportion. Due to both the water-resistant and anti-corrosion properties of plastic and the texture of wood, it becomes a material for outdoor building materials (floors, fences, chairs, or waterfront landscapes, etc.).

2. What colors are available for WPC and do you need paint?

Unlike wood, plastic wood does not require paint to have a variety of colors to choose from (sometimes the difference in color affects the price). And because of the special molding process of wood plastic, it does not have the problem of fading.

3. Will the plastic wood fade?

Yes. WPC exposed to sunlight and humidity will fade slightly after 10-12 weeks.

4. Is plastic wood easier to burn than wood?

The plastic-wood profile is a C-class building material, and its combustion is similar to that of wood. After the combustion characteristics experiment, wood plastic is not easier to burn than wood. The burning temperature of wood plastic needs to reach 86 degrees.

5. Is quarantine required when exporting? Is fumigation required? Are special documents required?

No, unlike wood, due to the special process and formula of plastic wood, it is a fumigation-free product when exported, and does not require any special certification documents.

6. Is the plastic wood made of recycled materials?

Yes. WPC is processed by using recycled plastic and plant fibers such as waste wood chips or rice bran as raw materials.

7. What is the difference between plastic wood and plastic wood?

Unlike plastic wood (plastic wood is made of 100% plastic), plastic wood is made from plastic and wood chips in an approximate ratio of 1:1. Because of the fiber composition, WPC has UV resistance and low thermal expansion and contraction properties, and is as easy to process as wood.

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8. What is the service life of WPC profiles?

According to foreign information, the life of plastic wood can reach 25 years under normal use conditions.

9. How long is the service life of plastic wood outdoors?

Plastic wood is widely used outdoors, and most of them are used in crowded public places, which are always subject to the test of people and the environment. In such high-density occasions, the life of plastic wood can reach 5 years. In areas with less traffic, the lifespan of plastic wood can be as long as 10 years.

10. Is WPC an environmentally friendly material? How to deal with waste WPC profiles? Will waste WPC pollute the environment?

The environmental protection significance of plastic wood is multiple. On the one hand, it consumes waste plastics and wood powder that will pollute the environment. On the other hand, because it can effectively replace the use of wood in the outdoors, it saves a lot of precious natural resources. Since it does not contain any toxic components, it can be treated the same as other common construction waste without causing any pollution to the environment. Can be recycled and reused.

11. What is the weight of plastic wood compared to general wood?

Compared with general wood, the ratio of plastic wood is much more important, usually above 1.1, while the specific gravity of general wood is 0.4~0.7, even for hardwoods with a large specific gravity, the specific gravity is only about 1.0. Therefore, the plastic wood is much heavier under the same volume.

12. How to process plastic wood, do you need special tools?

WPC is as simple and easy to process as wood, and in some ways even easier. The wood plastic can be cut, drilled, etc. with ordinary wood processing tools.

13. What type of screws are suitable for WPC profiles?

It is recommended to use stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized, etc. screws, especially threaded screws, which will help increase the nail holding force of the screws.

14. Can plastic-wood profiles be used as structural parts?

Can’t. Although ordinary plastic-wood profiles have high strength and toughness, they do not have the same rigidity as wood, so they cannot be used as structural parts. However, the modified glass fiber reinforced plastic wood has high rigidity and can be used for structural parts.

15. Is the water absorption rate of plastic wood high?

Due to the wrapping of a plastic layer around fibers such as wood fibers, the water absorption rate of wood plastic is very low. Great for waterfront landscapes.

16. Will low temperature weather affect plastic wood?

WPC still performs well even in low temperature weather. However, because plastics account for more than 50% of the composition of WPC, it will be difficult to punch holes in extremely low temperature weather due to hardening. In this case, we recommend pre- drilling.

17. Will the hot climate affect plastic wood?

Appropriate spans and head-to-head, edge-to-edge gaps are to counteract the impact of high temperature on WPC. When the temperature increases, the toughness of the plastic wood will increase, and there will be slight expansion. Please consult sales personnel before installation.

18. How to maintain and maintain plastic wood?

Even if it is exposed to the wind and the sun, the plastic wood will not rot, chip or crack. In addition, it has anti-ultraviolet ability and is maintenance-free.

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