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Detailed maintenance of wood plastic floor

Daily maintenance of wood plastic floor:

1. Contamination caused by solvents such as molds, molds, juices, etc.; use cleaning agents containing detergents and sodium hypochlorite;

2. Rust and grime: Use a cleaning agent containing phosphoric acid; you can buy it in the daily necessities store;

3. Regularly use the debris in the gap of tool profiles to ensure smooth drainage;

4. Oil stains: use a cleaning agent containing a degreaser to clean it;

5. Compared with wood, plastic-wood profiles have a larger proportion and less toughness than wood, so be careful when using them;

6. When storing on the construction site, it should be placed on a flat ground;

7. When stacking profiles, they should be placed from both ends of the joists, the center distance of two adjacent joists should be no more than 60 cm, and the joists should be arranged vertically with the profiles;

8. When the plastic wood materials are stacked outdoors, they should be stacked flat to prevent deformation due to sun exposure;

9. Since the friction coefficient of plastic wood is not as high as that of hardwood floors, it is impossible to consign on the plastic wood during handling, so as not to damage the floor surface;

Although the service life of the wood-plastic floor is longer than that of other floors, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the wood-plastic floor. Good maintenance is also very helpful for extending the service life of the wood-plastic floor.

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