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Four Differences Between SPC Floor And PVC Floor

What is spc floor? What is the difference between spc floor and pvc floor?

Different floor materials have certain differences in various aspects. So, what is spc floor? What is the difference between spc floor and pvc floor? We can’t tell the difference, so let’s find out together!

What is spc floor? The English name of spc floor is stone plactic composite, and the Chinese name is stone crystal floor or stone plastic floor. It was popular in Europe and the United States at first, and now it has been introduced into China and has become a popular decorative material in the market. It is a kind of plastic floor, but its hardness is still relatively high.


What is the difference between spc floor and pvc floor?

1. Different thickness:

The process technology of SPC is higher, the thickness is about 4mm, while the thickness of PVC floor is 2mm.

2. The installation process is different:

The SPC lock floor is installed by connecting the locks between the floors. It is convenient and quick to install and does not need to use glue. The PVC floor is more convenient to install, with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back, tear off the protective film, and stick it directly to the ground.

3. Different paving effects:

The hardness of the SPC floor is very high, and no glue is required for installation, so the flatness of the ground and the installation effect are very good. PVC occupies a relatively soft area. If the ground does not match, it can be paved with ups and downs, but the effect after paving will also be high and low, so the flatness is not as good as that of sPC floors.

4. Different scope of application:

SPC floor is suitable for many occasions, offices, schools, shopping malls, and homes can be used. PVC self-adhesive floor, its wear resistance is lower, so it is not suitable for occasions with a lot of people.

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