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How To Choose Co-Extruded Wood-Plastic Flooring

Co-extruded wood-plastic board has one more layer of protective layer thickness than ordinary wood-plastic board, which is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant, crack-free, and mildew-free, so now co-extruded wood-plastic board has become the main outdoor flooring. Material.


What is Co-Extruded Wood-Plastic Flooring?

Co-extruded wood-plastic flooring is made of functional plastics (mainly HDPE, PP) and natural fibers (wood powder), adding a certain amount of additives (anti-UV agent, antioxidant, coupling agent, lubricant, toner, etc.) , a wood-plastic composite product with a surface layer and a core layer processed by special compounding and molding equipment.

The biggest difference between co-extruded wood-plastic flooring and wood-plastic flooring is that an additional layer of polymer shell is added. This layer of shell is fully surrounded by four sides and is extruded at high temperature at the same time as the inner core plate. This technology is called co-extrusion. craft technology.

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The surface of this kind of floor is evenly and firmly covered with co-extruded layer. The floor produced by this technology has the advantages of traditional plastic wood floor, and has stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. point.

The plastic co-extrusion floor has good physical properties, aging resistance, high hardness and high strength, and insulation and heat insulation. The flame retardant effect reaches B2 level, and the real material is excellent. In short, plastic-wood co-extruded flooring stands out in the industry with many advantages such as green environmental protection, waterproof, flame retardant, and quick installation. It is a new type of environmentally friendly outdoor building material. Ordinary wood-plastic flooring will have slight discoloration in the first few weeks of use.
Like, the color will stabilize after a while. When cleaning, if the stains remain on the floor for a long time without treatment, these stains will affect the anti-mildew performance of the floor. The co-extrusion plastic wood floor can provide excellent stain resistance and mildew resistance due to the addition of a protective layer. Generally, the stains only need to be wiped clean, and can maintain excellent color during long-term use.

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1.Co-extruded plastic wood flooring is lighter in quality and weight than plastic wood flooring. Like plastic wood materials, the labor efficiency in the transportation process is generally relatively large, especially for solid core boards, which require 2.3 people to work together to complete the work. The co-extruded plastic-wood is more lightweight, which not only relieves the labor strength of workers, but also effectively saves labor costs. In addition, the load on walls and other engineering buildings is also reasonably relieved.

2.Ordinary wood-plastic materials generally fade slightly and large-scale after 1 to 2 years of installation, and there will be errors in the initial color tone, which also causes headaches for many community owners. The co-extruded plastic wood guarantees this. The thickness of the color protection layer on the surface increases the color retention time to about 10 years.

3.The price is the same as that of plastic wood flooring. Before the product development of co-extruded wood-plastic flooring, the cost of raw materials has been reasonably planned and calculated. Not only must the characteristics of plastic-wood flooring be realized, but the purchase cost must also be controlled at the same price as plastic-wood flooring.

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