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How To Lay Outdoor Wood WPC Decking

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1.For outdoor WPC decking installation, lay the keel first, then lay the floor according to the direction and length, and lay the keel to discharge. Each layer must be at least 3kg and usually over 350mm. Such as the ground, then fix the height difference of the excessive tree on the keel, and then the concrete base fixed on the wooden keel should slide and level, and the nails should be fixed in front of the seukideueul. Usually this kind of installation is mainly used for solid wood floors and parquet floors.

2.Facing the wooden floor of the room away from the packing line and wedge filling enough to widen the groove between the right side or to rotate the wall, floor and wall side to side, which is usually in line with the direction of travel. Dry areas and wet floors keep expansion joints small. Expansion joint formation should be maintained in wet areas of dry floors. During the trial play, observe the height difference and gap on the board, and adjust it at any time.

3.Lay the keel by fitting the keel, place first, then place the floor above the bottom to improve the moisture resistance of the bottom, fix the top and bottom of the keel, and make the feet feel more comfortable and soft. However, the loss of floor height is higher than other methods. How to set up, scope of application: It can be used on various floors, such as solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, etc.

4.To lay solid wood and cork floors up to 30 cm long, teak and parquet floors must be pasted directly. If the packaged concrete floor needs to be leveled with cement.

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Maintenance of WPC Decking

1) Protect from rain.

No matter what kind of wooden WPC decking floor, its essence is waterproof. Floor surfaces can discolour and crack if exposed to rain. Over time, the life of the floor will be shortened, so be sure to pay attention to rain protection.

2) Drain the stagnant water.

There is water on the wooden WPC decking surface. If we do not deal with it in time, it will cause discoloration, water stains and cracks on the floor. Of course, the service life will be shortened, so wipe it in time and keep it dry.

3) Repair damaged surfaces.

If the wooden WPC decking is partially damaged, sanding is not required. We only need to clean and dry the surface, and then use the original wood wax oil to partially recoat the damaged part.

4) White and cloudy.

If water drips into the wooden WPC decking, the surface of the wooden WPC decking will turn white. This is because the durability of thewooden WPC decking wax is not very good, and the wooden WPC decking wax starts to flake off from the floor surface, causing diffuse reflection. So wait for it to dry before waxing.

5) Pet management.

Pet waste can cause alkaline corrosion to wood, causing discoloration and staining of wooden WPC decking. Therefore, we should manage pets well.

6) Regular refurbishment.

Considering the aging factors mentioned above, or the factors of frequent wear and tear in public places, the editor still recommends repainting the wooden WPC decking of public places with a large flow of people every six months. When re-waxing, clean the wooden WPC decking surface first, without polishing, just brush the surface directly.

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