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How to Choose WPC Wall Panel

WPC wallboard is a decorative material made of wood-plastic composite materials, and its internal structure contains natural wood fibers, high-density polyethylene, and additives. WPC wallboard has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, mildew-proof, and long-term color stability. Therefore, as a new type of environmentally friendly material, it is widely loved by people. But how to choose the WPC wall panel that suits you? The following is a detailed introduction for you:

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Anti-aging Properties

Because the wall surface is directly exposed to the air, long-term erosion of ultraviolet rays and other natural factors, many wall panels will appear aging and cracking after a period of use, which seriously affects the beauty and waterproof function of the wall surface. Therefore, when choosing WPC When choosing wallboard, pay attention to whether the selected product has anti-aging properties. Generally speaking, high-quality WPC wallboard will add anti-UV and other additives to enhance the aging resistance of the material and maintain color stability, which can effectively prevent the color change or fading of the material during long-term use.

Fire Performance

WPC material is made of plastic materials such as polyethylene and contains a lot of wood fibers, so its combustion performance will be relatively poor. If the fire performance is ignored in the pursuit of aesthetics during use, it will cause great safety. Hidden danger. Therefore, when choosing WPC wall panels, we must pay attention to its fire performance, and try to choose wall panels with a fire rating of B or above.

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The hardness of the material chosen for the wall panels determines the weight of the different panels and the strength of their overall ductile structure. Therefore, choosing high-hardness WPC wall panels can effectively prevent bending and deformation, and enhance the overall load-bearing and impact resistance of the wall panels. People can observe the hardness of the material more intuitively from details such as whether there is a watermark on the surface texture of the material, so as to ensure the quality of the selected product is reliable.

Easy to Clean

In order to maintain the beauty of WPC wall panels, the quality of its surface plastic will affect its ease of cleaning. Therefore, choosing WPC wallboards with good anti-fouling, oil-proof, waterproof and wear resistance can not only enhance its easy-cleaning properties, but also ensure the toughness of the surface of the material and ensure the overall quality of the wallboards.


There are various brands and prices of WPC wall panels on the market, and the prices vary. You should choose according to your budget and actual needs. When buying, it is recommended to choose a big brand to see if the product has a high-quality guarantee. The purchased brand maintains a relatively stable quality standard, so that the value of the product is in line with your own investment, and finally achieve a mutually beneficial effect.

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In short, when choosing WPC wall panels, pay attention to the anti-aging, fire prevention, hardness, easy cleaning, and price of the material. The functional requirements of different projects will also vary, and you need to choose according to actual needs, so as to achieve a satisfactory wall decoration effect.

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