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Precautions for The Use of Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is a kind of processed wood surface, which is often used as interior or exterior decoration material in architectural design, because it has the characteristics of beauty, environmental protection, good decoration, easy maintenance, etc., and it can also bring Natural warm feeling. However, although wood veneer has many advantages, the following aspects need to be paid attention to when using it.

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Humidity Problem

I believe everyone knows that wood is prone to moisture and rot, and wood veneer needs to pay more attention to humidity. Because the humid environment is easy to cause wood deformation, cracking, discoloration and other problems, and even rot in severe cases. When using wood veneer, we need to pay attention to choosing a wood veneer with an appropriate thickness, and confirm whether the moisture content of the wall meets the requirements before construction to ensure the best condition of the wood veneer.

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Fire Prevention

In architectural design, fire protection is a very important link. Especially in public places and high-rise buildings, if you do not pay attention to fire protection, it may bring great hidden dangers to safety. Therefore, when choosing a wood veneer, we need to pay attention to choosing a wood veneer with a fireproof function, and strictly follow the fire protection regulations during construction to ensure that the wood veneer is safe and durable.

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Color Problem

The color of the wood veneer also needs attention. Due to the color difference of the wood itself, choosing different wood veneers will have different color effects. When choosing, we need to consider the color matching of the entire space, and at the same time pay attention to the color difference between different suppliers, so as to obtain the ideal decorative effect.

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The Problem of Decorative Effect

The decorative effect is one of the main reasons why we choose wood veneer, but in the process of using, there are some details that need our attention. For example, it is necessary to strictly follow the design requirements during construction to avoid errors. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to details, such as the cleanliness, gloss, and size of the wall surface. These will have a great impact on the final decorative effect.

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Maintenance Issues

After using wood veneer, we also need to pay attention to maintenance issues. Because wood veneer is a natural material, it requires special care from us. For example, regular maintenance, cleaning, waxing, insect repelling, and other measures can make the wood finish more durable and beautiful.

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To sum up, wood veneer has many advantages in architectural design, but it still needs to pay attention to some problems during use, such as humidity, fire prevention, color, decorative effect, maintenance and so on. Only by paying attention to these problems can the wood veneer give full play to its due advantages and bring more beauty and comfort to our space.

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