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UV Board Introduction

UV board is a high-tech decorative material that uses MDF, wood, stone, etc. as the base material and undergoes UV curing treatment. It has surface treatment and film formation, which can withstand the corrosion of chemicals such as paint, pencils, nail polish, alcohol, etc.; it has the characteristics of anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-penetration; at the same time, the brightness of color and the stability of color difference are also very good. . And its excellent performance also ensures the wide application of UV board in household, commercial, medical, display custom decoration and other fields. Now, let’s take a deeper look at UV panels from many aspects.

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Historical Origin

In the 1960s, Japan’s Mikasa company developed UV panels for the first time, opened up the development of UV panels, and is a pioneer in the UV panel industry. In the 1970s, Europe began to use UV boards as a substitute for high-grade paper and wood, and then UV boards were also widely used in the European and American furniture markets. In the 1980s, with the development of production technology, the formulation of UV coatings was continuously improved, and the production process was optimized. The details, color, life and stability of UV boards were greatly improved, and they began to be used in interior decoration and other fields. Among them, it has the characteristics of more perfect product paradigm, more realistic effect and faster production speed. In the 1990s, as people paid more attention to the ecological environment, the advantages of UV board products became more and more prominent, and became a decorative material that followed the trend of environmental protection and was widely favored. However, the production cost of UV boards is also rising, which brings great challenges to manufacturers. After entering the 21st century, faster progress has been made in research and development technology and production technology. The texture of the UV board is more stable, and the wood grain, marble grain, blended grain, etc. are more diversified, and the application range is continuously expanded to the edge banding fields such as stairs, floors, screens, doors, etc. People’s favor.

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The Classification of UV Board

According to the production materials, UV boards can be divided into MDF boards, solid wood boards, rigid PVC, gypsum boards and other types. Depending on the material, the color, hardness, and surface treatment of the UV board are different.

According to the surface treatment method, UV boards are divided into high-gloss UV boards, matt UV boards, and textured UV boards. Among them, the high-gloss UV board is processed with a microscope, and the particles are many and delicate in color. The surface of the sub-UV board adopts low light treatment, and the textured UV board adopts embossing treatment technology in the production process.

According to the surface texture, UV board can be divided into wood grain, stone grain, abstract pattern and other types. Under the background of today’s popular colors, fashionable materials, and environmental protection, UV boards are of great significance. It can meet the diversification and personalization of market development and consumer demand.

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The Advantages of UV Board

Beautiful and elegant: UV boards can be customized according to different personal hobbies, environments, and decoration styles, with rich and varied choices.

Waterproof and moisture-proof – The surface of the UV board is treated to form a film, which will not absorb water and moisture, and its fiber structure is relatively dense, which can effectively block water vapor in the air.

Anti-pollution and anti-corrosion – The surface treatment of the UV board forms a film and is highly resistant to chemical influences. It is not easy to be invaded by various stains and prevents the generation of odorous stains. Chemical intrusion, very good corrosion protection.

Compression resistance, wear resistance – UV board structure is hard, its density is relatively high, it has shaping ability, very suitable for bending treatment; at the same time, it adopts modern technology and special

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In general, as a beautiful and practical decorative panel, UV panels have important historical significance. With the continuous changes of the market and the ever-changing technology, the demand and quality requirements of UV sheets are also increasing. The personalization and customization of products have become the direction of industry development. UV sheets still have broad market prospects and lasting development space in the future. .

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