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Selection of Plastic Wood Flooring Manufacturers

When we purchase something, we always worry about the choice of the manufacturer. For us, plastic wood flooring also has such problems, and the choice of plastic wood flooring manufacturers has become a top problem. Take an example.

Many of our large companies have started to use plastic wood as a material in the decoration of the company, so for our purchase department, the selection of plastic wood flooring manufacturers has become the most important problem. What kind of manufacturers can we choose to ensure that our company will not have problems in the future use of plastic wood flooring?

First, when we purchase plastic wood materials, we need the production qualification of major manufacturers. To put it bluntly, whether the business license is available, and then whether it is true? This is very important, because if it is a fake, you go to the court and don’t sue the local government. The problem is how to judge the quality of plastic wood produced by plastic wood manufacturers?

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Second, we should look at the surface to see whether the quality of the floor is simple. If there is any residue, then we must not feel that it is OK. Because in this way, if the purchase will go, there will be a safety problem in the future. In addition, we should be careful to ask if there is a harsh question. Because the choice of plastic is sometimes one of the reasons why the market reduces costs.

As the most ideal substitute for antiseptic wood, plastic wood materials have more than 60% of the sales market and application market share of outdoor application cases, and their application market prospects and development trends have increased significantly. However, with the emerging problems becoming increasingly prominent, its huge sales market and development space, some manufacturers compete with each other in terms of price in order to occupy the market share. The price is cheap, with the serious decline of product quality.

Taking the 140 * 25 specification of plastic wood flooring as an example, it is almost impossible to see the difference from the appearance of two products with very different quality. Is this really the case? This is the same as the iPhone. The market is full of fake versions that look the same as the appearance design of the iPhone. Although the appearance is extremely similar, everyone knows that the original version and the fake version are very different! The same is true for wood type beds. The main components of wood type beds are made of wood flour that combines more than 35% to 70% of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride. During the processing of wood type beds, it is necessary to ensure the quality of more than a dozen chemical preparations, such as flame retardant characteristics, which is the reason for adding flame retardant. The proportion of various quantities has been calculated accurately. The price of these high-quality preparations is generally not cheap.

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In addition to a few large and medium-sized plastic wood board manufacturers in China, such as Baituomu, most small and medium-sized manufacturers have become competitive in the cheap market in order to occupy the market, and the quality of plastic wood flooring has been seriously reduced. In the whole process of application, there are many problems, such as breaking, embrittlement and deformation. It not only affects the quality of application projects, but also has a negative impact on the reputation of the entire plastic wood flooring industry.

In a word, the natural price of high quality is high, while the price of low quality is not feasible. All manufacturing industries have universal testing specifications to deal with the problem of negative quality information. In addition to the cost structure quality of the plastic wood flooring industry itself, strict control should be carried out in accordance with national standards. For customers, the quality of plastic wood flooring can be considered as a prerequisite for purchasing in addition to the price of plastic wood flooring.

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