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Is wpc decking a healthy and environmentally friendly floor?

Many people want to know whether the plastic wood floor is healthy and environmentally friendly. Compared with other decoration materials, the plastic wood floor has a very low amount of formaldehyde and will not cause great harm to the human body, so consumers can buy it with confidence.

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wpc decking factory

China spc floor manufacturer, one stop solution

WPC decking is now widely used in outdoor scenic areas, city parks and gardens, and is favoured for its water and moisture resistance, fire resistance and flame retardancy, environmental health and lack of formaldehyde.Chengze China decking manufacturer, 10 years focus on board manufacturing, to provide you with one-stop indoor and

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round hole wpc decking

How to choose wpc outdoor decking?

The current market above the new wpc flooring, a new floor, made of polymer materials, environmental protection does not contain heavy metals, and does not contain formaldehyde, closer to solid wood flooring.

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