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Why is SPC flooring better than WPC flooring?

As living standards improve, hard flooring is becoming more and more popular and wooden flooring has become very popular in home design. Many homeowners need to balance appearance and price when choosing this type of flooring, and when comparing SPC and WPC flooring, people prefer wpc flooring.

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SPC and WPC flooring are similar in structure and both types are completely waterproof, from top to bottom, as follows

  • Abrasion resistant layer: a thin, transparent layer that is scratch and stain resistant.
  • Colour film layer: a layer printed on the floor pattern and colour.
  • Core layer: a water-resistant core made of stone-plastic composite or wood-plastic composite.
  • Underlayment: the base of the flooring, made of EVA or IXPE.

Having understood the main differences between SPC and WPC flooring, it is clear to know the advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest difference is that SPC and WPC have different core composites
SPC stands for stone plastic composite, while WPC stands for wood plastic composite.
The SPC decking core consists of limestone, PVC and stabilisers.
WPC flooring core is made up of recycled wood pulp and a plastic composite.

Why SPC vinyl flooring is a better choice than WPC vinyl flooring.


Although WPC flooring is thicker than SPC flooring, SPC is actually more durable. the greater density of SPC means that it is more resistant to damage from heavy loads.


In terms of price, SPC is the more affordable of the two. If price is an important factor for you, then SPC is the best choice.


Formaldehyde can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat. Prolonged exposure in high doses can even lead to certain types of cancer. formaldehyde is a problem with WPC flooring. In fact, most wooden floors contain some level of formaldehyde. This is due to the presence of the resin used to press the wood fibres together. Some specific types of wood laminate flooring contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

what is the difference between spc and wpc flooring


this is one of the biggest factors in choosing SPC material. It is waterproof and can be installed in kitchens and dining rooms.

2.Stability under temperature fluctuations:

Thanks to its stone construction, the SPC core is more stable in environments with temperature variations, such as cabins, homes with air-conditioning units and homes with humidity fluctuations.

3.Easy maintenance and cleaning

SPC flooring is designed to be easily cleaned by regular sweeping and mopping.

These are the differences between SPC and WPC plastic flooring and you can clearly see why we think SPC flooring is better than WPC flooring. SPC flooring manufacturer offers a durable, safe and economical solution for your home design needs. You can find many different colours and patterns, as well as specifications.

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