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Five common flooring differences

There are five common categories of flooring on the market today, which are Solid Hardwood (solid wood), Engineered Hardwood (solid wood composite flooring), Cork (cork flooring), Laminate (laminate flooring) and Bamboo (bamboo flooring), so what are the characteristics of these types of flooring?Now wpc deck manufacturers first take you to understand the following.

Characteristics of the five types of flooring.

  1. wear resistance: laminate class flooring > solid wood composite flooring > bamboo flooring > cork flooring > solid wood flooring
  2. water resistance: cork flooring > bamboo flooring > solid wood flooring > solid wood laminate flooring > laminate class flooring
  3. Environmental friendliness: cork flooring > solid wood flooring > bamboo flooring > solid wood laminate flooring > laminate flooring
  4. Service life: solid wood flooring > cork flooring > bamboo flooring > solid wood laminate flooring > laminate flooring
  5. Price: Solid wood flooring > cork flooring > solid wood laminate flooring > bamboo flooring > laminate flooring

Scenarios and areas of application for the five types of flooring.

  1. Laminate class flooring: its wear resistance is very good, mostly used in public areas with high traffic, but to keep the space relatively dry.
  2. Solid wood laminate flooring: its wear resistance is strong, cost-effective, suitable for ordinary residential living room, bedroom, study. At present, solid wood laminate flooring is the most popular one on the market, practicality and aesthetics are excellent. Floor heating families try to choose solid wood laminate flooring, its heat resistance is strong, more difficult to deformation.
  3. Solid wood flooring: both comfort and health are very good, and very textured, can enhance the overall level of home decoration. but not suitable for use in places with large changes in humidity. Solid wood flooring has poor thermal conductivity and should not be used in underfloor heating homes. Suitable for the pursuit of quality home decoration style, living room, bedroom, study are available, but usually pay attention to maintenance.
  4. Cork flooring: cork flooring elasticity, non-slip good; good insulation, comfortable feet; good sound insulation, can absorb the noise of life, create a quiet living environment; flower colour is more personal. But because the cork flooring material is soft, heavy furniture and other long-term weight will cause deformation, not easy to recover. Suitable for laying places: bedroom, meeting rooms, libraries, recording studios and other places
  5. Bamboo flooring: bamboo flooring is fresh and elegant, decorative effect, and warm in winter and cool in summer, environmentally friendly and non-polluting, moth-proof, mould-proof. However, bamboo flooring can be easily deformed by changes in climate and humidity. Suitable places for laying: ordinary houses, hotels, office buildings, etc.
SPC vinyl flooring

The main component of pvc flooring is polyvinyl chloride material, PVC flooring originated in Europe and the United States, in Europe and the United States, the Asia-Pacific region is very popular, is what we usually see disposable meal, medical infusion tube is the same material. These are the safest materials for the human body. So, no formaldehyde, VOC, but also no radiation, because of its cheap price and excellent durability and also has the advantages of waterproof, anti-fouling, good flexibility and so on become one of the mainstream products in the market.

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