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Wide range of applications of plastic wood materials

Wood-plastic composite material is a new type of green building material. It maintains the good water resistance and toughness of plastic products, and is compatible with the characteristics of easy processing and environmental protection of wood. , heat insulation, corrosion resistance, nailable, planable, high compressive strength, recyclable leftovers and other characteristics, has been widely used in building materials, packaging, transportation, decoration and other fields.

acoustic panels

my country’s wood resources are very short, but in the process of wood processing and use, 20%-30% of wood powder and leftovers are burned as “waste” or treated as solid waste. In addition to the waste of raw materials, it also causes a degree of environmental pollution. Protecting forests and recycling waste wood powder are inevitable requirements for social development.

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WPC floor is widely used in garden landscape, interior and exterior wall decoration, floor, guardrail, flower pond, pavilion and other venues. The brand’s products have many advantages that traditional flooring can’t match, and are an excellent choice for home decoration.

Chengze Chinese spc decking manufacturer, has been focusing on board production for 10 years, providing you with one-stop indoor and outdoor decoration solutions.

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