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Research on the production method of wood-plastic composite materials

The preparation method of wood-plastic composite material belongs to the technical field of polymer material preparation. The preparation method prepares the base material of wood-plastic composite material by pre-treatment of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC, blending with styrene-butadiene rubber, POE and talc powder, and then compounding with the modified wood powder to prepare wood-plastic composite material. plastic composites.

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The selected polyethylene and polypropylene are recycled materials, which effectively improve the utilization value of plastics, and the deep processing and utilization of wood flour realizes the recycling and reuse of biomass materials and protects the ecological environment. The wood-plastic composite material obtained by compound modification technology has the characteristics of light weight, high rigidity, high toughness and recyclability. Modified wood-plastic products have superior performance and wide range of use.

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China’s wood-plastics industry is a very young industry. Its history of growth is only more than ten years. No matter from which perspective, it is still immature. Compared with the North American market, the growth of wood-plastic composite materials and finished products in the Chinese market is still Quite a lot of space. The design and manufacture of domestic wood-plastic composite materials have reached the advanced level, and many products have been exported abroad.

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