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2022 wpc co-extrusion decking will become the new trend in landscaping

What many landscape gardeners know is that wpc co-extrusion decking often has a series of problems such as fracture, bending, thermal expansion and contraction, deformation and fading in outdoor applications.

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The shrinkage rate of PVC is only 0.2~0.6%, PE is 1.5~3.6% and PP is 1.0~2.5%, which means that PVC has better geometric dimensional stability, and PVC materials have non-flammability, high strength, resistance to weathering changes and excellent geometric stability, PVC has strong resistance to oxidizers, reducing agents and strong acids. Why is the current outdoor wood-plastic products are mainly wpc co-extrusion decking, and PVC wood-plastic products are rarely used?

1, PVC wood plastic raw materials cost: wpc co-extrusion decking products used to PE/PP raw materials are more than three times the recycled material, the price is low, PE/PP melt fluidity is very good (experimental evidence, repeated use more than 6 times still have good melt fluidity), the filling amount of calcium powder can be higher than PVC 10 ~ 20 copies, with coarser wood flour (60 mesh) can be produced. At present, the density of PE/PP wood plastic finished products is usually 1.42~1.45 PVC wood plastic products without foaming can be used recycled materials, but basically filler added very limited, foaming wood plastic products must use new materials, but the amount of filler is still lower than PE/PP wood plastic, and to use a finer wood powder (usually 100 mesh), otherwise it is difficult to extrude molding. At present, PVC wood plastic finished products without foam density is usually 1.55 ~ 1.60, foam density is usually between 0.60 ~ 0.65.

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2, PVC wood plastic manufacturing costs are high: the poor fluidity of the melt of PVC, PVC wood plastic processing requirements are high, the requirements of the mold, screw is very high, the overall manufacturing costs are much higher than PE / PP wood plastic. This causes PVC wood plastic than PP/PE wood plastic prices are much higher, the market is difficult to accept.

3, PVC wood plastic products to reduce costs, the only way is to use the foam process to reduce the density of the product. Currently on the market for interior decoration of ecological wood are produced using PVC wood plastic foaming process. But the foam is too large, the strength is reduced, some manufacturers of misinformation and lack of consumer awareness, often these products are also used in outdoor projects, more prone to fracture, bending, shrinkage, deformation and fading than PE/PP wood-plastic and a series of problems, which resulted in PE/PP wood-plastic product suppression, user resistance to PVC wood-plastic products in outdoor applications.

4, WPC co-extrusion decking outdoor applications produce a series of problems such as fracture, bending, shrinkage, deformation and fading has not been fundamentally solved, how to make PVC wood plastic products to play the comparative advantages of PVC plastic itself, but not too high cost has become the research goal of aspiring people.

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5, China Chengze wood plastic floor manufacturers in this area have made unremitting efforts, the principle is: the inner core layer using PVC wood plastic micro-foaming technology to control the density of about 0.85 (close to high-quality hardwood), the outer cladding layer of PVC wood plastic does not foam, density of about 1.6, respectively, in the formulation of different adjustments to increase the mineral fiber content of the inner core layer to improve the impact strength of the product, while the outer cladding layer Use nano-level special crystal material to improve the surface hardness and increase wear resistance. Because the thickness of the outer cladding layer is only 0.7mm, making the best quality anti-UV agent, anti-oxidant can be saturated to add, to achieve “expensive but not expensive”, rich color and can guarantee more than 20 years without discoloration.

6, Such products to slightly higher than wpc co-extrusion decking price, close to the ASA (currently the world’s most recognized quality outdoor plastic) outdoor quality level.

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With the market promotion of this kind of co-extruded PVC high fiber wood plastic material, more and more users begin to understand the advantages of these products, and choose wpc co-extrusion decking, wpc co-extrusion decking promotion will certainly bring the whole wpc decking industry technology upgrade.


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