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WPC decking manufacturers teach you how to use and clean wpc decking floor

With the popularity of environmental awareness, more and more people are using plastic wood flooring, which is not only found indoors, but also used in large quantities outdoors. The use of plastic wood fence, plastic wood flooring built balconies, outdoor recreational places, has become the city people usually entertainment and relaxation place. The following Chengze China wpc deck flooring manufacturers we will introduce a few plastic wood flooring cleaning methods.

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  • Pollution caused by mold, mildew, berries and dead leaves: use the cleaning agent containing descaling agent and sodium hypochlorite.
  • Rust and dirt: use the cleaning agent containing phosphoric acid.
  • Oil and grease pollution caused by stroking: use cleaning agents containing degreasing agents.
  • Regularly use tools to remove debris at the gap of plastic wood profiles to ensure smooth drainage.
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