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6 Big differences about spc locking flooring and pvc self-adhesive flooring

Flooring in the home is a very important role, the market above a wide variety of flooring, many customers on the waterproof spc Locked flooring and PVC flooring choice hesitation, now let me introduce you to the difference between the two.

What is SPC locking flooring?

SPC locking flooring consists of a thickened wear layer, a UV layer, a coloured film texture layer and a substrate layer. It is called RVP (rigid vinyl plank), rigid plastic flooring, in Europe and America. The substrate is made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer material in the mix and then extruded at high temperature to make a composite plate, both wood and plastic performance and characteristics, to ensure the strength and toughness of the floor.

spc flooring

What is PVC flooring?

PVC, Poly vinyl Chloride, is a polymeric material obtained by the addition polymerisation of vinyl chloride and is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer after polyethylene and polypropylene. PVC is a white powder with an amorphous structure, poor stability to light and heat, no fixed melting point, good mechanical properties and excellent dielectric properties.

Zero formaldehyde new floor

SPC locking flooring and pvc self-adhesive flooring 6 major differences

1.Comfortable degree of footing.

The production process and technical requirements of spc locking flooring are high, and the thickness is usually around 4mm,Greater than the usual 2mm pvc self-adhesive flooring, more comfortable footing.

2.Installation process

The spc locking flooring relies on the locking connection between the floor to complete the installation, easy to lay, fast, the installation process without the use of glue. General workers, can completely install more than 100 square meters per day.

The pvc self-adhesive flooring is even easier and quicker to install. The back of the flooring comes with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, which can be directly adhered to the floor by removing the protective film.

SPC vinyl flooring

3.Indoor environmental performance

The structure of the spc flooring is composed of a transparent layer of pur crystal shield, a pure pvc wear-resistant layer, a rich colour film layer, a spc polymer substrate layer, a soft and silent rebound layer, etc.

The substrate is made of mineral rock powder, mixed with polymer resin and then hot pressed at high temperature to form a stable substrate layer.

Pvc self-adhesive flooring raw material requirements are not as high as spc locking flooring, some manufacturers who are not strict enough control, the glue may contain a small amount of formaldehyde, there will be a certain amount of environmental hazards.

4.Laying flatness

The hardness of the spc locking flooring is high, when paving, not relying on glue fixed to the ground. So the level of the ground requirements are high, if the ground is not flat, generally in the paving before the self-leveling.

Pvc self-adhesive flooring is relatively soft, the ground if there is a gentle undulation can also be paved, but after paving, the floor with the original ground undulation.

This is easier to wear in the higher areas. At the same time the ground is too rough and uneven or dusty and sandy, it is also easy to remove the glue and warp the edges.

SPC vinyl flooring

5.Scope of application

The versatility of spc locking flooring is large, suitable for most places of use, such as homes, offices and schools, shopping malls, etc., with high wear resistance and long service life.

The wear resistance of pvc self-adhesive flooring is relatively weak, generally used for home decoration, not suitable for places with high traffic.


The price of spc locking flooring will generally be higher than the price of pvc self-adhesive flooring, but its long service life, construction, the foundation ground requirements are not high, as long as the flat line.

Self-adhesive pvc flooring on the ground requirements are high, need to be flat not sand, not dust, while trying to avoid encountering water, because self-adhesive flooring is after high temperature glue hot stamped on the floor, easy to appear off glue warping phenomenon.

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