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What are Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)?

WPC, or Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC), is a new modified environmental material that uses waste wood flour, rice hulls, straw and other natural fibres to fill and reinforce PE, PP, PVC, ABS and other thermoplastics, and has the cost and performance advantages of both natural fibres and plastics.

outdoor wpc decking

Advantages of wood-plastic materials.

  1. Weather resistance.
  2. Waterproof, anti-corrosion ageing and sunlight resistance.
  3. The highest formaldehyde content is zero, the lowest is E0 level.
  4. With a woody feel.
  5. Can be made to measure, and can be made in various sizes with various structural sections.
  6. It is an alternative product to wood and wood decorative panels.

Composition of wood-plastic products.

Wood plastic products are made of wood powder + PVC plastic powder + other additives mixed by high temperature, extrusion, forming and other processes to make a certain shape of composite materials.

spc floor product performance

Excellent performance of new wood-plastic materials.

1.comprehensive characteristics:

Wood plastic materials and their products, can resist strong acid and alkali, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and do not reproduce bacteria, not easy to be insects, no fungus, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, small water absorption, flame retardant, zero formaldehyde, no pollution, anti-enzyme sterilization good.

2.Good processing characteristics:

It can be sawed, planed, turned, chipped, nailed, drilled, ground, and the nail grip is significantly better than other synthetic materials. It can also be glued, painted and other secondary processing to facilitate the production of a variety of specifications, sizes, shapes and thicknesses of products, to provide a variety of designs, colours and wood grain products.

3.High internal combination strength:

The composite material has a good modulus of elasticity due to the polyester content. In addition, because of the wood fibres contained within and cured by resin, it has physical and mechanical properties comparable to hardwood in terms of compression and impact resistance, and is significantly more durable than ordinary wood materials. Long service life, low price, economic and practical, and has excellent water and corrosion resistance.

4.Good modelling stability:

The size and shape of wood-plastic products will not produce cracks and crazing, not easy to warp and deform, no wood knots, slanting, colour spots, enzyme spots and other defects.

5.High production efficiency:

The material has the molding and processing characteristics of thermoplastics, short molding cycle, less processing procedures, and easy to promote the application.

6. Excellent adjustable performance:

Through additives, the resin can be polymerized, foamed, cured, modified and other changes, thus changing the density, strength and other characteristics of wood-plastic materials, but also to achieve anti-aging, anti-static, flame retardant and other special requirements.


Wood-plastic composites can be reused and recycled and are biodegradable, protecting forest resources and the ecological environment, making it a new environmentally friendly material for the new century.

8.Wooden appearance and decorative effect:

Its feel is very much like wood, with the warm feeling of wood distinguishing the cold feeling of plastic, and the quality of wood-plastic materials can also emit the clear fragrance of wood.

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