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Extrusion process and problems with SPC and WPC flooring

SPC flooring is a high calcium non-foaming product. Calcium carbonate has a density of 250-300 parts and a density of 2-2.1.
WPC flooring is a foam product with a density of 0.85-0.9 and a filler of 80-100 parts.

indoor spc flooring

The comparison between SPC decking and outdoor WPC decking is different:

The SPC has a high specific gravity of calcium, simple processing procedures and good dimensional stability.
The foam products of WPC flooring require a high extrusion process and the problem of shrinkage stress is difficult to control.

Common problems – The causes of poor product moulding are.

1.unstable product dimensions, unfilled moulds and uneven wall thicknesses.

What are the causes? Unreasonable internal and external lubrication formula, unstable feeding speed, severe wear on the screw barrel, incorrect fit clearance.

Solution:Improve the ratio of internal and external lubricants, correct feeding faults, replace the barrel and screw, adjust the clearance between the barrel and screw.

2.The product appearance is not uniform, the colour difference is obvious, the surface appears irregular fish scale; product performance is poor; poor toughness, the product is brittle, the impact resistance is not qualified.

The reason, the formula structure is unreasonable, inorganic filler is too high, the plasticization effect is poor, the amount of anti-impact material is not enough.

Solution: correct the formula structure, appropriately reduce the content of inorganic filler, modify the degree of plasticization of the material to 65% or so, and appropriately add impact-resistant materials.

3.The output finished product is bent, deformed and partially sunken.

Cause:The head and the die are not on the same plane, the extrusion speed is too fast, the cold water temperature is too high, the water pressure is too small, the water flow is insufficient, the water and air path is not smooth, and the negative vacuum pressure is insufficient.

Solution:Correct the die head and fixed die on the same level, reduce the extrusion speed and cooling water temperature, increase the water pressure and flow rate, adjust the negative vacuum pressure and check the water vapour channel.

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