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What is the difference between WPC flooring, SPC flooring and laminate flooring

Now the variety of flooring, customers in the choice of flooring is very dazzling, for WPC flooring, SPC flooring, laminate flooring should be how to choose it, this article CZE China SPC flooring manufacturers hope to help you.

SPC vinyl flooring
SPC vinyl flooring

As a consumer, do not believe in advertising, the whole house even with e1 level building materials formaldehyde will exceed the standard, because the number of uses! The solution can only use less wood and glue, more ventilation is the solution.

SPC flooring poor resistance to temperature changes, really all waterproof, poor footing (some have cork and eva pad will be better, some e-commerce merchants write the thickness and publicity does not match), too thin, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde by reason should not, because there is no glue component, at least absolutely not exceed the standard. But be careful of some small manufacturers of heavy metals exceed the standard, spc flooring is a chance tile change.

SPC vinyl flooring

The WPC flooring is poorly resistant to temperature changes, truly waterproof, slightly better footing, just the right thickness, environmental protection, there are a few formaldehyde components, but will not exceed the standard, the same as the spc floor is a chance of tile change.

stone plastic composite flooring

WPC and SPC if you can solve the problem of tile change and footing, instead of laminate flooring is no problem. After all, environmental protection first! Reduce wood, protect the environment.

Why should I choose these three measurements instead of solid wood flooring?

In most areas of the South year-round humidity is heavy, many times the humidity can reach 60%-80%, solid wood is expensive, to regularly maintain waxing, poor waterproof, wear resistance is low, but the foot feel good, looks natural, good-looking. But for areas with high humidity, a long time wood floor maintenance is not good, not a variety of problems. Laminate flooring in the room temperature of about 30 degrees formaldehyde generally exceeds the standard, if there is floor heating below that is even higher. Waterproof performance is poor, a slight taste, wear-resistant good.

spc vinyl plank flooring
spc vinyl plank flooring

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