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What is SPC stone plastic flooring

In recent years, with the rapid development of the flooring industry, there are more and more types of flooring in the market. SPC stone plastic flooring is a new type of flooring product. But when purchasing, we find that spc flooring price varies widely. Today, I will take a look at spc flooring.

What is SPC interlocking flooring

SPC interlocking flooring (also known as mandarin duck buckle, stone plastic composite flooring) the buckle type combined closely, completely overcome the floor by the external hot and cold dry and wet changes in the process, resulting in the separation of seams, warping and drums, in the process of laying, completely free of nails, free of glue, free of keel, directly laid on the ground, saving the room height, and can be repeated. Save the height of the room, and can be repeatedly disassembled and used, economical and practical.

What is SPC flooring made of?

High quality SPC flooring generally has a surface UV layer, wear-resistant layer, printing layer, glass fiber layer and bottom material layer, each material of different layers has its own advantages and disadvantages. The price difference of these materials is one of the reasons for the price difference of SPC flooring.

SPC Floorings

6 advantages of spc waterproof locking flooring

  1. the overall paving effect is good, locking flooring with industrial standards instead of manual paving standards, reducing the error of manual paving, paving the floor and floor gently knocked into the slot. Locking flooring due to the role of locking force, with the temperature change of the whole extended around, to avoid local bulge, solve the problem of inherent deformation, the overall paving effect is good.
  2. spc locking flooring more stringent requirements for the substrate, in general, locking flooring can withstand a lot of tension, so the density, relative humidity, expansion and other physical properties of the locking flooring substrate more stable.
  3. SPC Locked flooring is easier to lay, the seams are closer, the overall laying effect is good, the tongue-like of the floor, the enterprise mouth is finer and flatter, reducing the error of manual laying, due to the locking force of the locking floor, the floor extends around with the change of temperature as a whole, avoiding the local bulge, solving the inherent deformation of the floor, the overall laying effect is good.
  4. SPC locking floor can be free of glue paving, ordinary flat buckle wood flooring in the paving process need to be connected with flooring nails, disassembly and maintenance is not very convenient, with less and fear of connection is not strong, and locking flooring due to the role of locking force, even if free of glue, the seams of the floor is also very tight, will not be because of the four seasons of temperature changes appear cracking, bulging and other problems.
  5. SPC locking flooring can be reused, locking flooring installation and laying simple, disassembly is also easy, because locking flooring without glue paving, disassembly can be reused. Especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions and stores paving. If the family moved the floor can also be used twice, said “go” on “go”!
  6. public places and stadiums paving, locking floor with super locking force, suitable for public places and stadiums ground paving.

Why SPC flooring price varies greatly

SPC flooring (spc vinyl flooring)is a very broad vocabulary concept, in the flooring market, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to accurately distinguish what is SPC flooring. spc flooring is mainly made of PVC material, also known as stone plastic flooring, with excellent performance.

Wood Grain Lock SPC Flooring

Three reasons why SPC flooring price varies greatly.

As a kind of composite flooring, the reason why there is a difference in the price of its multi-layer materials, directly determines the quality of the product, the choice of different materials also determines the price of the product.

If it is hot-pressed SPC flooring, the price is higher.If it is glued SPC flooring, the price is relatively low.
The thickness of the wear layer of SPC flooring determines its wear resistance.The thicker the thickness, the more wear-resistant materials are invested in the product, which means the higher the cost invested, so the price is also higher, and vice versa.


As we all know, the price of the product will include the added value of its brand.
Flooring brand products are often priced higher than other brands, but their products and services are also more secure.
SPC flooring in the market is also the same, the brand is one of the reasons affecting the price difference.

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