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Year: 2022

Does cold weather affect plastic wood flooring

Plastic wood flooring vigorously develops resource recovery technology, as people pay more and more attention to environmental resources. The sustainable development of national economy, civil economy and environment. The development model of circular economy with waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources as the core has become the trend of

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Advantages of plastic wood flooring and its installation

Plastic wood floor is a new floor material that has both the characteristics of wood and the performance of plastic. It has very good anti-corrosion performance, so it is suitable for use in damp places, so it is often used in garden scenic spots, pavilions, plank roads, etc. So how

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Selection of Plastic Wood Flooring Manufacturers

When we purchase something, we always worry about the choice of the manufacturer. For us, plastic wood flooring also has such problems, and the choice of plastic wood flooring manufacturers has become a top problem. Take an example. Many of our large companies have started to use plastic wood as

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Market analysis of co-extruded plastic wood

For the market situation of co-extruded plastic wood, there are still many people who are more concerned about it. As we all know, co-extruded plastic wood flooring is developed on the basis of the original ordinary plastic wood flooring, but in recent years, the market competition has been fierce, and

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Quality-oriented, attentive to customers

People have an affinity for wood, and home decoration is inseparable from wood. However, the wood itself also has its own shortcomings, such as shrinkage and cracking easily, deformation when exposed to water, moldy when exposed to moisture, and easy to burn when exposed to fire. Among them, formaldehyde can

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Scenic wood plastic floor, let your floor bring the color of wood!

In recent years, with the depletion of resources, the harm of environmental pollution to human health has become increasingly prominent, and people’s awareness of environmental protection has begun to strengthen. Under the general trend of environmental protection and low carbon, wood-plastic composite materials have begun to be widely used in

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How is wood plastic made

People who do not understand the ecological building materials industry may not know that there is no need to cut down a tree to manufacture ecological boards. So what material is used to produce the board? The answer is straw and plastic. The straw is dried and ground into powder,

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